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WCC Club Statement

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22 Mar 2020

Over the last few months the global news and impact of COVID-19 has been inescapable. In the last week it has had a direct impact on us as a club and subsequently on our members. Therefore, it seems an appropriate time to share the committee's views on: what this will mean in the short term, what it may mean in the longer term and what the club is doing to consider its role at this time.


As it stands, in line with ECB guidance, the club has suspended all recreational activities. Practically this means winter training for both the senior and youth sections has been cancelled and as it stands there will be no matches played when the outdoor seasons were scheduled to have started. We also anticipate that our summer training sessions will be unable to commence as usual in late-April. In the longer term, we will listen to any GCB and ECB guidance as to when this suspension may be lifted. We will continue to work closely with our affiliated leagues (BYCL, B&D, WEPL) to ensure that should some cricket be possible this summer, we are best placed to maximise the time available to us.


Our relentless groundstaff are safely continuing their efforts to ensure our facilities are ready for the resumption of play and we have no doubt the squares will be playable as and when the suspension is lifted. 


It is imperative at times like this that communities like ours come together in spirit and support each other as much as is possible. We will consider any way we can to provide support and assistance to our members at this difficult time and would like to encourage any suggesttions of how can we do this be shared with us either directly or through the 'Contact Us' page on our website.


With support in mind, we know that many of our members have paid subscriptions for the forthcoming season and we have no ability to guarantee those subscriptions will lead to playing time. As a result, we are actively considering contingency plans dependent on the amount, if any, of cricket our members will be able to play this summer. We will look to release further announcements on this matter in the coming weeks. 


The club has grown substantially over the years and now stands in a position of strength not only with regards to playing numbers, but also from a financial perspective. As a result, our position is secure for the coming years. If any of our members are not in this position, please feel free to get in touch privately (our Contact Us page is secure and confidential) and share your position- we do not wish to be an additional burden on your lives during this uncertain period.


Lastly, we'd like to take this opportunity to encourage all of our members to follow government advice and to stay safe. This is undoubtedly a difficult time in all our lives but the quicker we work together and temporarily sacrifice our liberties the better off our society will be as a whole and the sooner we will be able to return to enjoy a warm summers evening at the cricket.